Hamish and the Team at Wilton Contracting have been painting our projects for over 15 years, through-out this time they have been tasked with many difficult projects and have completed them on time and to an excellent standard. What we see in Wilton Contracting that sets them above the competition is their supervisors who are constantly monitoring systems and quality to ensure the project is completed on time and to a high standard. Having them as our point of contact and different crews to do all types of interior and exterior work not only gives them, but also us the flexibility in managing our projects with clarity of timeframes. Last year we entered the Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards and received Gold, Lifestyle and Gold Reserve Awards for the home, this was a team effort by all contractors and the painting finish both internal and external was a huge part of this. I would highly recommend Wilton Contracting for your next painting project.

Justin Bell (Director)

We at Design Builders Waikato made a move in 2014 to Wilton Contracting. Their dedication to delivering a high quality finish to set timelines is something that sets them apart and fits within our Business model. It is a relationship we hope will continue to produce high quality award winning homes.

- Jeff Marra

Hi Luke, Thank you very much indeed for the excellent job you and Kerry did with the paint work on our home. Kerry is the best painter we’ve ever had do our painting, and we used to own 49 flats, so you will know how much painting they would have required. None of the finicky maintenance jobs were too much trouble and he patched up wall paper to like new. He cleaned stain marks off that others have never been able to do. Thanks and best wishes

- Vaughan

We have enjoyed a successful partnership with Wilton Contracting since 1998 over which time they have painted in excess of 1300 homes for us. As a key subcontractor to our business they have grown with us over the years managing the entire painting process sometimes in excess of 15 homes per month. They have developed strong systems and processes which assist us with colour and paint selections, undertaking the painting, managing our high expectations through quality control of their workmanship, pre-handover touch-ups and any maintenance requirements. We have always found Hamish, Janice, Luke and team at Wilton Contracting to be co-operative and professional while being focused on delivering a great service and product. We are appreciative of their support and would have no hesitation in recommending them at any time.

- Jeff de Leeuw (Managing Director)

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